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French National Centre for Scientific Research

CNRS is a public research organization under the administrative authority of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, whose main mission is to evaluate and carry out all research capable of advancing knowledge and bringing social, cultural, and economic benefits for society and to participate in the analysis of the national and international scientific framework and its potential for evolution in order to develop a national policy.


  • CNRS
  • Posted on: Jun 9, 2016
  • France

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Contact: Chantal Khan-Malek, chantal.khan-malek@cnrs-dir.fr

Post Date: Jun 9, 2016

As the largest fundamental research organization in Europe, CNRS performs research in all fields of knowledge through its ten institutes. CNRS laboratories (or research units) are located throughout France, and employ a large body of tenured researchers, engineers, and support staff (more than 34,000 persons).
About 5,000 foreign researchers visit its laboratories every year. CNRS has 318 International Programs for Scientific Cooperation (PICS), 161 International Associated Laboratories (LIA - virtual labs), 103 International Research Networks (GDRI), 35 International Joint Units (UMI) and 26 Joint Units-French research institutes abroad (UMIFRE). Moreover CNRS has representative offices in Beijing, Brussels, Singapore, New Delhi, Pretoria, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and Washington D.C.


CNRS as the biggest national research centre in France as well as international STI specialist brings to the project valuable expertise from different RTDI related fields. CNRS will be involved in WP1, WP2, WP3 (WP Leader), WP5 and WP6. In particular, CNRS will contribute to activities targeting policy support (T1.3), governance of the Ukrainian participation in H2020 and promotion of H2020 (WP3), dissemination and exploitation (WP5).

Type: Research Institute

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