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RI-LINKS2UA at the EaP Panel on Research and Innovation: Annual event "Horizon 2020 NCPs training"

The annual event "Horizon 2020 NCPs training" of the EaP Panel on Research and Innovation took place on 16-17 March in Kiev (Ukraine) with the active participation of the National Contact Points of the EaP Countries.


  • Posted on: May 24, 2016
  • Ukraine

Tags: Capacity building, Horizon 2020

The event was organised jointly from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the DG Research and Innovation, EC. In addition, coordinators of the IncoNet EaP Project (FP7) and of the RI-LINKS2UA Project (H2020) together with NCPs from France, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden contributed with their experience to the training. 

The event provided an opportunity to update any available information regarding the new WP 2016-2017 of H2020 and present an overview with statistics of the H2020 participation. Presentations over the innovation dimension and opportunities for researchers and research organisations were provided. Moreover the majority of sessions was dedicated to good practices and lessons learnt for NCPs, tips for the H2020 web portal, proposal writing, process of evaluation of H2020 proposals and project management and implementation.

The second day, an open discussion ‘’from idea to successful proposal’’ was initiated with the most experienced NCPs. Parallel sessions were organised for practical training focusing on major topics such as Energy, Climate Action, Health, Nano/Materials, Research Infrastructures and SMEs/Access to risk finance. Finally, the ending session was dedicated to the characteristics of a good proposal and to exchange of information about the rules and procedures of H2020 Programme.

For the agenda, the list of participants and all presentations given in the context of the event please follow this link.

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