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European Council - Europe must step up its efforts on research and innovation

The European Council on 28 June adopted conclusions on: migration, security and defence, jobs, growth and competitiveness, innovation and digital, and on other issues. The European Council confirmed the set-up of an European Innovation Council for market-creating innovation under the next EU long-term budget. The Council also invited the Commission to launch a new pilot initiative on breakthrough innovation within the remaining time of Horizon 2020. Read the conclusions on the topic of innovation and digital issues.


  • Posted on: Jul 2, 2018
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  • Europe must further develop its high-quality research across the EU and turn it into new products, services and business models. We need a stronger, inclusive innovation ecosystem to foster breakthrough and market-creating innovation and provide comprehensive support for businesses, including SMEs, with disruptive potential to successfully enter global markets.
  • It is vital to deliver on the remaining legislative proposals concerning the Digital Single Market before the end of the current legislative cycle. To build a European data economy, further action is needed to improve the efficient use of data across the EU and foster trust through high data protection standards and full implementation and proportionate enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation in respect of all economic actors doing business in our single market. High-quality data are essential for the development of Artificial Intelligence. The European Council invites the co-legislators to swiftly examine the latest data package. It invites the Commission to work with Member States on a coordinated plan on Artificial Intelligence, building on its recent communication.
  • In line with the informal Leaders' discussion in Sofia, the European Council insists on improving businesses' access to financing, including by better coordinating EU and national research and innovation funding schemes and instruments, on providing a favourable regulatory environment that supports greater risk-taking, and on promoting digital skills as well as links between academia, industry and governments. Cooperation between research, innovation and education should be encouraged, including through the European Universities initiative.
  • The European Council invites the Commission to launch a new pilot initiative on breakthrough innovation within the remaining period of Horizon 2020. A European Innovation Council will be set up under the next Multiannual Financial Framework to identify and scale up breakthrough and disruptive innovation.

Source: http://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2018/06/29/20180628-euco-conclusions-final/

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