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RI-LINKS2UA info day on proposal writing in Horizon 2020

On February 14, the RI-LINKS2UA project organised an info day on "How to write a successful proposal in Horizon 2020" at National Aviation University of Ukraine


  • Posted on: Feb 16, 2018
  • Ukraine

Tags: Capacity building, Horizon 2020

In response to the current open calls in the field of transport and aviation in Horizon 2020, the RI-LINKS2UA project organised a targeted info day at the National Aviation University (NAU) of Ukraine.  The topic for the info day was "How to write a successful proposal in Horizon 2020" and the event was jointly organised by the three project partners ZSI (Austria) and MESU, NIP (Ukraine).

After an introduction from a representative of NAU, Stella Shapoval (MESU) and Olena Koval (NIP) spoke about the current situation of Ukraine in regard to its participation in Horizon 2020. Moreover, Olena Koval presented a general overview about Horizon 2020 and the opportunities it provides to Ukrainian applicants.

The main session of this info day was dedicated to writing a proposal in Horizon 2020. It was covered by Gorazd Weiss and Philipp Brugner from ZSI. Around 30 people participated in this info day, with a majority coming from the NAU. In half a day, they could learn about the following specifics when preparing a proposal for Horizon 2020:

  • From a project idea to project implementation
  • Preparing a proposal
  • Structuring a proposal
  • Submitting a proposal
  • Drafting the communication, dissemination and exploitation part of a proposal

The presenation of Mr. Weiss and Mr. Brugner can be downloaded from this website as a pdf file here and here.

An example of an annotated RIA template in Horizon 2020 can be downloaded as a pdf here.

The event was also covered by the public relations department of NAU - you can find the news on NAU website in Ukrainian here.

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