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Some footnotes about the targeted workshop for Ukrainian NCPs

Probably, we all have had situations when visiting an unknown place with help of the guide; you discover later, that you do not remember anything about the right way back. The situation is different if you have been contributing to finding the right path.


  • Posted on: Dec 22, 2017
  • Ukraine

Tags: Capacity building, Horizon 2020, NCP, Workshop

The targeted workshop for Ukrainian NCPs held on December 1 in Kiev took into account the preceding example. During the preparation of the event, participants were asked what would be the main topics to discuss. According to the feedback, the organisers compiled the program. A full-day workshop was divided into three blocks:

  1. Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-20, where general overview was given, and novelties, highlights of the new work programs were stressed.

Ülle Must (ETAg) giving overview about novelties and highlights in the new H2020 works programmes.

  1. Role of the NCPs in the RTD Network. Effective Work Organization, where NCP guidelines, key principles and minimum standards were analysed. Participants had possibility to make their own self-assessment. In the pre-prepared table they identified which activities they have done well, and in which they need support at both national and EU level. Already before the event, participants received materials about NCP networks. As example, overview about the structure and activities of some NCP organisations (Estonia, Austria, and Hungary) was given.

Argo Soon (ETAg) talking how to guarantee the NCP's successful performance in cooperation with other countries NCPs

  1. NCPs promotional activity, this block was the core of the whole workshop. The goal was to design a detailed plan at least for three upcoming events. As usual, practical activities varied with theory. Argo Soon stressed on his presentation “What to consider when organizing events. Events design.” what aspects to keep in mind when organizing an event, and answer questions as what? When? who?, where?.
    To consolidate the information already received, and prepare participants for designing their own event, we used the brain walk method. The whole group had to think about, what they have to keep in mind when organizing the event. As example: how to make the participants stay focused, how to end the event on a positive note, activation of the audience, characteristics of the trainer, don’ts of the moderator etc.
    After that, the actual work started - design own event. Three groups worked on following training agendas: How to work properly with work programme; How to be successful in H2020; Project preparation in MSCA. They had to take into account all the received recommendations and be flexible and creative at the same time.​

The presentation of the future training by the group

Take hope message for the participants was as diverse as the workshop – flexibility, diversity, warm atmosphere, cooperation, teaming, careful event-planning etc., etc.

The workshop ended with the final game – groups had to put together the logos and programs of the NCP networks projects.

Ukrainian NCPs activities will continue in Romania, France, Poland and Estonia, where NCP twinning will take place next year.

Finally, we want to thank our mentor Birgit Baumann, thanks to whom we have such skills that we dare to share it now with others.

Ülle Must and Argo Soon, Estonian Research Council

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