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SME events and trainings across Ukraine: plan ahead for December

A number of EU4Business events and trainings, funded by the EU, will be taking place in towns and cities across Ukraine in December, targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


  • Posted on: Nov 30, 2017
  • Ukraine

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They include a number of business forums and conferences around issues ranging from tourism to green economy. Check out the events near you and make sure you register for participation.

There are also several trainings for SMEs, women entrepreneurs and consultants. Follow the links for more details on how to apply.

Business events

5-6/12 – Zaporizhzhya – Conference: 'Boosting the hospitality sector to enhance tourism in the Zaporizhzhya region' – registration closed (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) Two-day event aims to enhance the competitiveness of the HoReCa sector, to develop the network of hotel and restaurant infrastructure in the region, and to increase the managerial competencies of the industry.

7/12 – Sumy – Forum: ‘Benefits of European Integration (in particular from the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement) for Companies of the Sumy Region’ – deadline for registration 4 December (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) Forum aimed at SMEs and the benefits they stand to gain from the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

7-8/12 – Lviv – International Conference: ‘Green Economy Days’ – prior registration required (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) Conference aimed at providing a platform for cooperation between Ukrainian and European biomass and biogas market participants.


30/11-01/12 and 14-15/12 – Vinnitsya – ‘Leadership in action’, training for women entrepreneurs – registration closed (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) Learn about leadership and effective management of business and staff.

4-5/12 – Odesa – ‘Basic export training for SMEs’, training for SMEs – deadline for registration 29 November (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) Export practice and procedures for new exporters looking to expand to EU markets.

5-8/12 – Kyiv – ‘Industrial Energy Efficiency for local consultants (Intermediate level)’ – training for energy efficiency consultants – deadline for registration 29 November (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) Intensive workshop designed to build the capacity of consultants already working in the field of energy efficiency (EE) in Ukraine, and to improve the standards of the EE projects they implement.

7-9/12 – Odesa – ‘Advanced export training for SMEs’, training for SMEs – deadline for registration 29 November  (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) Export practice and trade finance for exporters aiming to target EU markets.

11-13/12 – Zaporizhzhya – ‘Advanced Export Practice and Trade Finance for Small and Medium Enterprises’, training for SMEs – registration closed (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) Workshop designed to guide established exporters in how to assess and enter new markets while ensuring that payment methods and financing options can be advantageously used to support increased export exposure.

11-14/12 – Kropyvnytskyi – ‘Industrial energy efficiency’ – deadline for registration December 1 (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) Participants will learn how to carry out energy audits in a form that will enable SMEs to prioritise energy efficiency measures and integrate them into their development plans.

18-21/12 – Mikolayiv – ‘Industrial energy efficiency’ – deadline for registration December 12 (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) A unique opportunity for consultants and top managers who have a direct influence on decision-making for energy saving policy in companies and organisations.

20-22/12 – Khmelnytsky – ‘Basic export training for SMEs’, training for SMEs – deadline for registration 30 November (EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres) Three-day export training for SMEs looking to enter export markets for the first time.

Additionally, the following events will be organised by the EU4Business: Network of Business Support Centres in December:

19/12 – Kharkhiv – Conference ‘Women in Business’

22/12 – Chernigiv – Conference ‘Open a new country – Italy’

Detailed info on these events will appear closer to the event date here.

A key part part of the EU4Business initiative in Ukraine, the EU-funded Network of Business Support Centres aims to improve the competitiveness and bankability of Ukrainian SMEs through the provision of business advice and capacity building. Working with BSOs in 15 regions of Ukraine, it has set up a network of EU4Business Business Support Centres (BSCs), providing trainings, workshops, events and advisory services for SMEs across the country.

Source: http://www.eu4business.eu/news/sme-events-and-trainings-across-ukraine-plan-ahead-december

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