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European Open Science Cloud Declaration published

The Commission made the EOSC Declaration available to all scientific stakeholders, for their endorsement and commitments to the realisation of the EOSC by 2020.


  • Posted on: Oct 26, 2017
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The Declaration emerged from the EOSC Summit of 12 June, where more than 80 key scientific stakeholders showed a strong sense of commitment, dedication and intellectual rigour with respect to the implementation of the EOSC. We agreed that the EOSC is a truly common European project that we cannot afford to fail.

Overall, response has been plenty, positive and strong. Until today, 40 scientific stakeholders have endorsed the principles of the Declaration. A list of first signatories has already signed up to play a role in the EOSC 'coalition of doers'.

We strongly encourage you and your institution to 1) to endorse the principles of the Declaration, and 2) to commit to take some of the specific actions forward.

Many of the signatories, thirty-one as of today, also committed to one or more actions to implement the principles of the EOSC Declaration. The Action List accompanying the EOSC Declaration already features several commitments.

We urge you to send us your endorsement and commitments, showing your tangible support to our common effort to make the EOSC a reality. You can do so in the way you consider most appropriate, using the dedicated online response survey, or by email (RTD-EOSC@EC.EUROPA.EU). You can always use both options to enclose an official letter, white paper, statement release or any other supporting document your institution is comfortable with. Please send us your response by 15 November, if you wish us to include your institutions in the next update of the Action List.

By endorsing the principles of the Declaration, stakeholders signal their intention to be involved in the making of the EOSC, for instance by taking specific action, by joining the Governance Board, by providing inputs via the annual stakeholder forum, or again by joining consortia to implement the EOSC via Horizon 2020. Necessarily, we must all be on the same sheet to work together in an inclusive, transparent and accountable way. Endorsement of the Declaration is a prerequisite for joint work on the implementation of the initiative.

Commitments by stakeholders are rather envisioned as specific actions relating to stakeholders'' expertise that contribute towards the implementation of one or more points of the EOSC Declaration. Commitments signal the tangible intention of your organization to support the implementation of the different elements of the European Open Science Cloud. By committing, you will help to take forward, expand, clarify and further specify the actions needed to implement the EOSC Declaration.

The DG is currently double-checking each individual stakeholder commitment, with the plan to publish the full list of endorsements and commitments received in mid-November. This will provide a first complete overview of stakeholder practical support of the initiative.

The Action List is the dynamic part of the Declaration with clear practical utility. It will be discussed at future Stakeholder Forums, it will feed into the EOSC Roadmap and be reviewed by the Governance Board of the EOSC once this is established. We will regularly update the Action List to include any further responses received (every three months).

To help you respond to the Declaration appropriately you can find more details leading to and from the EOSC Declaration.

We strongly encourage all stakeholders not just to agree with the Declaration, but to commit to take some of the specific actions forward.

Source: http://ec.europa.eu/research/openscience/index.cfm?pg=open-science-cloud

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