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Moving ahead in the reform of the STI sphere - The National Council on S&T Development has started its activity in Ukraine

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity" dated November 26, 2015, No. 848-VIII Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine established National Council on S&T Development on August 9th, 2017.


  • Posted on: Oct 20, 2017
  • Ukraine

Tags: Policy support

The National Council of Ukraine for Science and Technology Development includes the Administrative and Scientific Committees. The first one consists of 24 scientists, selected by the special Identification Committee on competitive basis from the Ukrainian scholars with high international reputation. The Administrative Committee includes representatives of ministries, agencies, state academies and business community. The Council is headed by the Prime-Minister of Ukraine and it will be the highest consultative body in Ukraine in the area of S&T. Key objective of the Council is to facilitate the process of reforms in S&T and to accelerate the process of Ukrainian integration to ERA.

The main functions of the Scientific Committee are examining the drafts of the legal acts in the S&T sphere, playing the expert role for them, to serve as Identification Committee for the Scientific Board of Ukrainian National Research Fund (NRF, to start in 2018), to become the Supervising Board for NRF and creating the temporary working groups and/or commissions in certain issues. This will be also important to introduce new mechanisms and economic incentives for boosting co-operation between the scientific sphere and the companies, which is rather weak in the country.

The Scientific Committee has elected the distinguished scientist Anatoly Bilous https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Anatolii_Belous , http://www.ionc.kiev.ua/cv/belous/cv-en.html as a its Head.

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