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Steps to Innovations at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Kyiv Academic University (KAU), established by the Kabinet of Ministry of Ukraine order in December 2016, initiated a series of events aimed at forming the innovation ecosystem and the network between research institutes and centres of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with business environment and the real sector of economy representatives. In order to create and implement effective communication mechanisms, Kyiv Academic University initiated the launching of the KAU Innovative Technology Park, which will become a centre that helps to implement scientific developments and provides conditions for creating links between science and business.


  • Posted on: Oct 12, 2017
  • Ukraine

Tags: Capacity building, Innovation

On September 12 - 14, 2017, KAU met with a delegation of representatives of the Science and Technology Park in Berlin-Adlershof (Germany), consisting of Dr. Helge Neumann, Consultant of WISTA Management CEO, professor Dr. Elmar Kulke, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Humboldt University (Berlin) and Dr. Lech Suwala, professor of the Technical University of Berlin, who represented the Institute of Economy Geography, Humboldt University (Berlin).

From the Ukrainian side in the meeting  Alexander Kordyuk, Director of the KAU, Alexandra Antoniouk, Deputy Director of the KAU for Development, Vitaliy Shadura, Deputy Director of the KAU for the Educational process and the working group of the KAU Innovation Centre participated.

Within this visit, a number of meetings were held with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine representatives, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and representatives of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, particularly, with the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Maxym Strikha, Vice-President NAS of Ukraine, Director of the M.Bogolyubov Institute of Theoretical Physics NAS of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Zagorodny and Deputy of the Supreme Council (Verkhovna Rada) of Ukraine, Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship Viktor Galasyuk.

German delegation visited certain NASU institutes, including the G.Kurdyumov Metal Physics Institute. In addition, the meetings had been carried out with representatives of the DTEK Academy, with the CEO of the De Vision Group of Companies, representatives of the Management team of the UNIT.City Innovation Park, as well as other domestic companies and corporations.

The main goal of these meetings was to explore opportunities and share experience in creating innovative projects, discuss further ways of cooperation and establish partnerships.

A one-day mini-workshop "Technological parks as the future of modern economy: Opportunities and obstacles" was organized at the initiative of the KAU Innovation Centre in the form of a round table. This seminar was attended by SME representatives, business associations and public organizations, innovation technology business, representatives of Kyiv Science Parks and Technology parks, heads of technology transfer offices and researchers of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

If you wish to know more about the Innovation Center KAU, find additional information on its website.

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