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EaP Plus Webinar 8 - Financial and legal issues of the Horizon 2020

On Thursday, February 21, 2019 (10:30 Warsaw time), the EaP Plus project invites you to the 8th webinar dedicated to the financial and legal issues of Horizon 2020 programme.


  • February 21, 2019

Website: Link

Contact: Olga Zyrina, Olga.Zyrina@kpk.gov.pl

Post Date: Feb 10, 2019

Tags: Horizon 2020, EaP, Webinar

The experts from the Polish National Contact Point will discuss the questions, which can help you in correct budget calculation and project management. 

This webinar addresses both administrative staff and researchers who wish to advance their knowledge on financial and legal issues of H2020.


-    Who can participate
-    Types of contracts in H2020

-    Cost eligibility criteria
-    Budget categories
-    Funding schemes and limits
-    Reports and audits
-    Payment modalities

III.  New FUNDING and TENDERS PORTAL – useful information
-    Funding and Tenders Portal – basics
-    Roles and access rights 
-    Financial validation
-    Open Access to scientific publications

The main sources of information on legal and financial issues are: 

Annotated Grant Agreement

Funding & Tenders Portal

If you think that OTHER questions are important for you, please contact us using the email below.

The webinar will be conducted using the Skype for Business programme, so please check beforehand if this programme works properly on your computer.  

Join the webinar using the following LINK

With questions please contact: Olga.Zyrina (at) kpk.gov.pl

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