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EU Sustainable Energy Week

The EU Sustainable Energy Week will be held in Brussels from 19 to 25 June. The call for conference sessions and awards have been launched with a deadline of 3 March 2017 (extended to 10 March 2017). We are waiting for you to apply!


  • Jun 19—25, 2017
  • Brussels
  • Belgium

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Post Date: Mar 8, 2017

Tags: Innovation, Energy, Sustainability

The theme of this year's EU Sustainable Week (EUSEW) is 'Clean Energy for all Europeans'. It is inspired by the European Commission's Energy Winter Package which puts consumers and growth at the heart of the sustainable energy transition. You can propose your own contribution and apply to host a session during 12th EUSEW conference, compete for an award, or set up an 'Energy Day'!

Stimulate the debate

Sessions can be organised between 20 and 22 June 2017, they should take about 90 minutes. You are invited to choose from one of the following formats: panel discussion, roundtable, seminar or world café. Innovate, share and inspire!

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Apply for an award

This year you can apply for an award in one of four different categories: Consumers, Public Sector, Businesses and Energy Islands. Apply with your project and show how you are leading the energy transformation!

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Activate stakeholders & citizens locally

The sustainable energy battle is won outside Brussels. This is why we need you to activate your networks and convey powerful messages to both decision-makers and citizens. Energy Days are organised to show that citizens all over Europe and beyond are involved in the energy transformation needed to save our climate and boost green growth. Those local events are about gathering community and resources to draw on for the future.

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Source: https://ec.europa.eu/inea/en/news-events/newsroom/eu-sustainable-energy-week-%E2%80%93-be-part-it

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