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1st AXEMA-EurAgEng Conference

'Intensive and environmentally friendly agriculture: an opportunity for innovation in machinery and systems'


  • February 25, 2017
  • Villepinte
  • France

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Post Date: Nov 11, 2016

Tags: Innovation

Challenges for agriculture are namely:

  • To secure farmers’ income,
  • To optimise input use and management,
  • To protect soils and biodiversity,
  • To increase occupational health and safety,
  • To share technical information and resources,
  • To comply with regulations.

The farmers’ job is changing as well as their means and practises. The conference is intended to emphasise the positive impact of such new agricultural practises on development of innovative equipment.

Machinery and information systems will play a key role and bring significant improvements in numerous areas

  • Machinery output rate, efficiency and work quality,
  • User friendly or automatic adjustments,
  • Implementation of efficient sensors,
  • Improved agronomic models,
  • New decision support tools (DST),
  • Communication and interaction of systems and machinery,
  • Monitoring the impact of machinery use on the environment.

This conference will create an opportunity for exchanges between R&D players from industry and those from academic and research sectors including non-agriculture specialists.

Time will be included for networking.

Conference language will be English.

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