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A4SMEs Assessment study report: How does the SME Instrument beneficiaries’ businesses look like?

The SME instrument is targeting “Highly innovative SMEs with a clear commercial ambition and a potential for high growth and internationalisation”. The key question that arises from this statement is: is there any common pattern for these companies?


  • Posted on: Jul 23, 2018

Year of publication: 2018

Website: Link

Tags: Innovation, SME, SME Instrument

This is the objective of this report based on an in-depth analysis of more than 50 real SME instrument phase 2 winning proposals in the first four years of the instrument implementation (2014-2017).

For this analysis, the Access 4 SMEs project has collected information on SME covering the 5 key dimensions that determine the international scalability potential of a SME: Company current status, company value proposition, market knowledge, business scalability and business model.

The report presents the main findings identified for this kind of companies along three basic dimensions:

  1. What type of business fits best within the SME instrument?
  2. What type of target market fits best within the SME instrument?
  3. What type of teams fits best within the SME instrument?

The patterns identified across these three themes do not guarantee a 100% successful application, but it really gives real clues to intermediaries aiming to support companies within this instrument to define which companies to focus and/or help companies to develop in the right direction to become the real target of this instrument.

Type: Report | Source: http://www.access4smes.eu/2018/06/21/4smes-assessment-study-report-how-does-the-sme-instrument-beneficiaries-businesses-look-like/

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