RI-LINKS2UA - Strengthening Research and Innovation Links towards Ukraine

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Policy brief on how to accelerate the process of bringing knowledge to the market including promising practices from EU and Ukraine and recommendations


  • Posted on: Aug 31, 2017
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Year of publication: 2017

Tags: Innovation, Recommendations

A favourable ecosystem is a precondition for fostering research and innovation, therefore the aim of this policy brief is to introduce policy measures, funding models and activities that shall support the knowledge transfer between EU and Ukraine to accelerate innovation processes by bringing academic knowledge to the market.

In lieu of the current reform of the research and innovation (R&I) system in Ukraine that are aimed at the decentralisation of the current R&D system, creation of the knowledge-based economy with a focus at the regional development (through building of capacities to create conditions for the implementation of the smart specialisation (S3)) and revisions of current Law on Science and Technology (S&T), the objective of this brief, is to provide input on relevant European practices that shall serve as a guidance and inspiration to the Ukrainian stakeholders in designing of policies and measures under the current reform.

The proposed European policies, practices and measures are also in line with the identified priorities of the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (PSF), which has assessed the Ukrainian Research and Innovation System and has noted the following:

“The PSF Panel recommends to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to develop a National Innovation Strategy, based on the work of the National Board and its working groups. It should aim to identify the overall role of innovation for development in Ukraine, assess the present situation highlighting assets and constraints for Ukraine as an innovation-driven economy, and present ways forward in terms of priorities for supporting innovation. Priorities should include both thematic priorities (such as raising awareness of innovation in SMEs, improving access to innovation finance, etc.) and the domains where Ukraine holds the most promising assets for innovation-based development. The Strategy should include an Action Plan that translates the broad directions into operational instruments, indicating goals and responsibilities for each of them (funding, implementation) and highlighting the priority fields. Attracting private funds for innovation should constitute an important component of this Strategy”.

Type: Official deliverable, Report | Source: RI-LINKS2UA project result

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