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UNESCO Science Report: Towards 2030

The UNESCO Science Report: towards 2030 provides more country-level information than ever before. The trends and developments in science, technology and innovation policy and governance between 2009 and mid-2015 described here provide essential baseline information on the concerns and priorities of countries that should orient the implementation and drive the assessment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the years to come. The chapter on "Countries in Black Sea Basin" was prepared by Deniz Eröcal and Igor Yegorov.


  • Posted on: May 25, 2016
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Year of publication: 2015

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Tags: Innovation, Tools

Key messages

For two decades now, the UNESCO Science Report series has been mapping science, technology and innovation (STI) around the world on a regular basis. Since STI do not evolve in a vacuum, this latest edition summarizes the evolution since 2010 against the backdrop of socio-economic, geopolitical and environmental trends that have helped to shape contemporary STI policy and governance.

Today, there are fewer grounds than in the past to deplore a simple „North-South“ divide in research and innovation

Science is becoming more mobile 

Science powers commerce – but not only 

A growing tendency for governments and firms to invest in sustainable technologies

Type: Report | Source: UNESCO

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