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List and description of H2020 projects with UA participation

The available document features all the projects funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework programme which include at least one participant from Ukraine.


  • Posted on: Oct 7, 2016
  • Hungary

Year of publication: 2016

Tags: Horizon 2020

The covered projects have at least a signed Grant Agreement, but the vast majority of them are currently ongoing projects. In this document 36 projects can be found with Ukrainian participation with their specific details. The list of projects has been conducted via desk research based on an eCorda database search as of September 2016 after 241 calls.

The eCorda database provided extensive content and information of the projects, however every single one of them could not have been included in the list. Thus the following pieces of information were involved in case of each project: the project acronym, the name of the project, the call identifier for which the project was initially proposed, the overall contribution from the European Union, and the name of the involved Ukrainian partner. Beside the mentioned pieces of information further content was also provided via additional desk research, so a short description, the website and the logo of the projects can be found in the list as well.

These pieces of information were searched via Cordis database and Google. Some required details were not found in each case either because there was no official website of the project or because there was no available project logo. The main sources of the short summaries were the official websites of each projects, but if such website did not exist in the time of the search or did not provide such information the short description of the Cordis database was incorporated in the document.

Type: Internal document, Report | Source: RI-LINKS2UA project internal analysis

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