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  • Submission deadline:
    Aug 20, 2019
  • Call announcement date:
    Apr 20, 2016

Call ID: H2020-FutureEnginePrize-2016

Website: Link

Post Date: Jun 11, 2018

Tags: Horizon 2020

Specific Challenge:

Cleanest engine of the future prize aims at reducing the pollution produced by future new vehicles using either gasoline or diesel fuels and their low biofuel blends available on the market.

Powertrains/cars in which the improvements are achieved by using significant amounts of fuels or stored energy other than the main fuel (i.e. plug-in electricity, mild and full hybrids, stored compressed gases, etc.) are excluded.

Expected Impact:

Submissions shall aim at very significant noxious emissions improvements while at the same time reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and providing sufficient dynamic performance for normal vehicle driving.

Topic: FutureEnginePrize-01-2016

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