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PhD Thesis Presentation Contest

Thousands of students from Ukraine study and receive research training abroad. At the same time, the overall visibility of this talented next generation of scientists remains rather under-appreciated, both abroad and in Ukraine. There are also many PhD students who work on joint bi-lateral or international collaborative projects, or carry out research on topics related to Ukraine – e.g. its history, language, ecology, etc. The UKRAINE Network PhD Thesis Presentation Contest aims to promote these young scientists and in doing so contribute to increasing the visibility of Ukrainian PhD students abroad and raising the profile of the international academic collaboration with Ukraine.


  • Submission deadline:
    May 14, 2018
  • Call announcement date:
    Mar 14, 2018
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Post Date: Mar 30, 2018

Tags: Capacity building, Call, Research

The 2018 Final will be carried out on 4th of October 2018 in Dresden, Germany, within the framework of the 2018 Annual Meeting of the German-Ukrainian Academic Society (Die Deutsch-Ukrainische Akademische Gesellschaft e.V.). To apply please fill in the application form and send your CV to e-mail: info@ukrainet.eu by 14 May 2018. Finalists will be informed by the end of June 2018. Their travel and stay in Dresden will be supported by the Society.

Eligibility: PhD students carrying out their research in any subject are eligible to apply for participation in this Contest. In particular, PhD students from one or more following groups are invited to apply:

  • Ukrainian PhD students studying abroad (incl. exchange PhD students);
  • PhD students, regardless of nationality, who are involved in a collaborative (e.g. bi- or multi-lateral, including Ukraine as a partner) research project;
  • PhD students, regardless of nationality, whose topic of research relates to Ukraine.

Ukrainian PhD students studying in other than Germany European country can also apply. If you have questions or any doubts about your eligibility, please contact: info@ukrainet.eu.

This PhD Contest offers the opportunity to PhD students to advance their presentation skills, learn to present complex scientific questions to a broader interested non-specialist audience and network with other researchers from different fields. Successful candidates are invited to present their research at the Final event on stage, and get a chance to win a book prize as well as add an extra credential to their CVs. FAQs can be found here.

This PhD Contest is organised by the German-Ukrainian Academic SocietyThe UKRAINE Network. 

2017: 6 October, Augsburg, Germany. See the winners and the list of 2017 finalists here
2016: 21 September, Berlin, Germany. More: 2016 PhD Presentation Contest

It has been supported by:

  • 2017: Nomad Bioscience GmbH, Global Business Management (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät, Universität Augsburg) and the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany.
  • 2016: Nomad Bioscience GmbH and the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany.

Source: http://ukrainet.eu/phd-contest/

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