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2nd call for RI-LINKS2UA Horizon 2020 Project Preparation Grants launched!

The main objective of this call is to stimulate cooperation in joint proposals within the framework of the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme between R&I actors from the EU and Ukraine.


  • Submission deadline:
    Dec 4, 2017
  • Call announcement date:
    Oct 31, 2017
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Post Date: Oct 31, 2017

Tags: Capacity building, Horizon 2020

Under RI-LINKS2UA, the 2nd call of the “Horizon 2020 Project Preparation Grant Scheme” offers financial support of 1200 EURO (lump-sum), for 10 selected applicants from Ukrainian institutions preparing Horizon 2020 proposals.

The RI-LINKS2UA call for H2020 project preparation grants supports Ukrainian applicants, who address the an open call under the current 2018-2020 Work Programme of H2020.

The RI-LINKS2UA call for H2020 projects preparation grants supports Ukrainian applicants who address currently open calls under the 2018-2020 Work Programme of Horizon 2020 with a call deadline until end of April 2018. Potential Ukrainian applicants are in particular encouraged to screen open calls under the thematic area of “Sustainable process industry through resource and energy efficiency” (SPIRE) as part of Societal challenge 5 “Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing". SPIRE is especially targeting the EaP countries (including Ukraine), and therefore welcoming joint applications between EU and Ukrainian partners!

However, applications to other open calls under WP 2018-2020 with the call deadline until end of April 2018 (as mentioned above) are not excluded and will be equally evaluated after submission.

Eligible activities under this call:

  • Organisation of preparatory H2020 proposal writing workshop related to the H2020 call in Ukraine
  • Participation in the H2020 proposal writing workshop in EU countries (invitation from the proposal coordinator from the EU country)
  • Participation in international brokerage events related to the selected H2020 call in EU countries 

Eligible Budget per Applicant:

10 selected Ukrainian applicants will be supported with Grants of 1200 Euros.

 The Grant can cover the following expenses:

  • Travel expenses (air/economy and train/2nd class)
  • Accommodation
  • Technical and/or logistical support for the preparation of meetings or workshops

 The grant budget will not cover staff costs.

Eligible Applicants:

  • Research Institutes
  • Universities
  • Companies with RTDI activities (including SMEs)
  • NGOs with RTDI activities


Publication of the first Call: 2 November 2017
Deadline for applications: 4 December 2017
Applications evaluation and selection of the 10 best applicants 15 December 2017
Payment (first instalment) Until mid-February 2018
Payment (second/final instalment) After submission of the project proposal to H2020 and received final report  (no later than  …. March 2018)

Submission of Grant Applications

The grant application must be submitted via e-mail to the NIP:

Olena Koval 

National Information Center for Ukraine-EU S&T cooperation

Gorkiy street, Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine

tel/fax: 380+44 529-03-32



Application Form

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